I’m so happy to meet you! I’m Claudia Lynn and I am a spiritual life coach, mother of 2 adorably goofy kids, spirit junkie, crazy crystal lady and a lover of all things unconventional.

My purpose and passion is to empower women and help them re-connect with their soul & intuition so that they can get into alignment with a purposeful life. One that’s filled with endless magic and synchronicities. Our soul’s want to have an experience! And as we build that deep intimate relationship with ourselves, we lift the veils that hold us back from being wild, radiant,  and free! The fastest way to manifest the things we want is to raise our frequencies to match the vibrations of our soul’s desires.

The most important work we will do in our lives is the work we do on ourselves. There are many lessons that our souls have come here to learn and experience. As we go through this journey of awakening, we uncover the blessings that come from each lesson.

Luckily there’s an abundance of tools that can support us on our spiritual journey. And I love being able to share all of the things that help unleash your soul so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. I invite you to join me in my magical world of spirituality and personal empowerment!