A few years ago I had began using cloth wipes in place of toilet paper. It was totally by accident. One fine day when I was about to go poop, I realized that I didn’t have anymore toilet paper. Well, since I used cloth wipes (in place of baby wipes) for my son, I grabbed one and headed to my porcelain throne. 😀 Upon the first try, I liked how it felt much more durable and MUCH cleaner! I probably went another day or two without toilet paper and just used my sons cloth wipes.

Coincidentally (although nothing is a coincidence), that same week I had heard a radio talk show that was interviewing a guy that didn’t use toilet paper. He was saying how it’s much cleaner, more environmentally friendly and economical to make the switch to cloth wipes. So, I did a little research…

“…the average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. With that in mind, you can estimate costs pretty easily. A typical brand’s 12-pack retails for $6.99 and has 352 sheets per roll, meaning that it will last a family of four about 18 to 19 days. That means that family needs to buy a 12-pack about 20 times per year, putting the annual toilet-tissue costs around $140.” – Josh Madison, “Toilet Paper Usage Analysis”
Okay, so $140 a year doesn’t sound like a worthwhile saving but lets consider the impact it can have on your health. There are more than 100,000 chemicals used in commercial paper products. Some of the most common chemicals used are Bisphenol A (BPA), Formaldehyde and Chlorine. In order to get the whitest, cleanest looking toilet paper we all want, it had to be processed with chlorine bleach. You may think it’s no big deal but toxic substances get into our bloodstream through direct skin contact.
After reading about how using toilet paper could effect my well-being, I was dedicated to making the switch to cloth wipes permanently.  I went online and browsed through the many options of cloth wipes to purchase. I went with Baby Kicks natural bamboo and certified organic cotton fleece. They have two different textures for the two sides. One side is for the more heavy duty wiping (after pooping) and the other for lighter wiping (after peeing). I’ll fold over and re-use the same wipe if I’m just going pee and I can get about 3 uses in before I grab a new wipe. I bought 30 of them but only have about 25 or so now. During the transition to cloth wipes, I totally forgot and threw several in the toilet and flushed them. :/ Depending on how hydrated I stay throughout the week, I find that 25 wipes will typically get me through the week. When I’m done with a wipe, I toss it into a small basket that I keep next to my toilet. Surprisingly, the basket has never smelled. 🙂 At the end of the week, I’ll wash the wipes along with the towels or bed sheets. What I really love about them is that they haven’t stained! They always come out of the wash nice and spot free (ladies: even from period blood).
I’ll still keep a roll of toilet paper in the house for guests. I definitely wouldn’t expect them to use my cloth wipes when they’re over. 😀 I’ve been cloth wiping for 3 years now (the wipes in the picture are 3 years old and still look like new) and I would never go back! My son uses them too. Wait…actually he was using them before I did! 😀 It’s become part of our lifestyle and the everyday norm for us. And we’re saving trees!
Always feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have!  Happy wiping! 😀