We woke up to a beautiful Sunday today! It was almost 70 degrees in mid February and we HAD to take advantage of it and get out into nature. Since we’re leaving the east coast soon, we decided to head out to The Appalachian Trail to get a few more hikes in before out big move.

Unfortunately our boys couldn’t join us today because both with their other parents this weekend. But we’ll have plenty more opportunities to take our whole family out on the trails before we go. 🙂

It was a super easy hike and a great one that eased our way back into one of our most loved activities. We found a nice little spot to rest and nurse Willow. She loves being outdoors just like the rest of us. It’s our family “thing.” <3

I always have to bring food with me! #breastfeedinglife 🙂

The view was beautiful. <3

It was Willow’s first time hiking the Appalachian Trail. She was tired and hungry. :p

I totally photo-bombed their picture. 

Willow was all smiles until the camera got pulled out!