I put together this resource page with a list of recommendations that I have found to be really helpful. I have listed products, services and companies that I have found to be really valuable. All of my recommendations from my blog are organized on this page to make it easier to find. These are resources to all of my favorites that can save you time any money!


Bluehost – Bluehost was the first host I decided to choose for my blog when I first started and with good reason! They have a long, established history behind them (which means EXPERIENCE), making them excellent leaders in the hosting world, and especially in the blogging community! With affordable prices, awesome customer service and easy account management, you simply can’t go wrong. Signing up for Bluehost is not only for those just starting, but also for those experienced web developers looking for a change of pace! Click on my Bluehost link and get a discounted rate of $3.49 a month!


Siteground – Let take a moment to talk about SiteGround. In my personal experience, I have found that they are not only extremely fair priced (and usually cheaper than the competitors), but they also have the best tools of the trade required to run an amazing blog and website. They have %100 uptime which means that your site will never go down!



Green Kids Crafts – Green Kids Craft subscription boxes are a great addition to any homeschooling routine. They provide you with eco-friendly craft projects for all kids of subjects!