Raising kids is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! My little ones didn’t come with a manual so most of the time I think I’m messing it all up!

I’m worried that they’re not dressed warm enough, they’re going to fall, they didn’t have enough to eat, they’ll wear diapers forever, they’re behind with reading or why that rash isn’t going away…

Motherhood is the most heartwarming role I’ve ever encountered but I’m not entirely sure it’s normal to care so much about my children it stresses me out.  Can you tell I have anxiety? Haha. :p

Stress compromises your immune system, causes sleep disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression and much more.

Since chasing xanax with alcohol isn’t exactly the ideal escape for mom life, luckily there are a variety of healthier and more productive ways to manage my anxiety.

Here are some of my go-to stress relievers:

  • Breathe– Literally. When something is severely stressing me out, my breath becomes short and shallow. This kind of breathing really deprives you of the oxygen you need. Find a way to step outside and take several deep breaths of fresh air. It’ll give you a change of scenery just from being outside and the air quality (majority of the time) is much better than being indoors. Imagine the air filling your lungs with positivity and exhale the bullshit. I try and get my kids to do this too when they’re feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

  • Yoga– As a yoga instructor, it’s predictable that I would recommend this but I’m telling you, it works! Something about yoga helps me focus on the present moment, learn to let go and also to love myself exactly where I am. One of my favorite yoga poses is pigeon. There have been times I’ll lay down in pigeon and just cry. Like, totally let it all out and bawl! From the outside it might look like you have a mental disorder but it’s SO therapeutic, I promise!
  • Take a shower– I love the positive effects of water therapy! Taking the time to tend to some self care can make all the difference. I like to get into a meditative state and turn it into a spiritual shower and cleanse my energy field as well.

  • Go for a walk/hike– Getting out in to nature is so healing on multiple levels. It can raise your endorphins, increase your feelings of well-being, elevates your vitamin D levels and so much more! You can take the kiddos with you too! It’ll give them a change of scenery and out of the house so they’re not so stir crazy. It’s good for all of you!
  • Rescue remedy – I carry this with me at all times to avoid anxiety attacks. This is more for those out-of-nowhere stressors (bad news, arguments, trauma) that I’m not prepared for. It’s an all natural remedy made from flower essences and I can use it anytime.
  • Have some tea – I love that quietness at the end of he day when the kids are in bed and I have a moment to hear my own thoughts. I head over to my tea cabinet and pick out a flavor that meets my needs for that evening. With my brew in hand, I step outside (without my phone) and just take in the peace.

There are times that stress can be relentless and come from every angle. The kids, relationship, the house, the mess, finances, isolation and constant sleep deprivation can make anyone stressed to a point of depletion.

At the end of the day, even if no one has noticed how hard you’ve worked, give yourself a pat on the back!

You might be exhausted but your kids had another great day. You might be scrubbing marker off the wall but your oldest learned to write his name today. There might be noodles thrown all over the floor but that means they ate all of their broccoli. You might look like the only hobo at the library but your kids are dressed to the nine. And you’re probably stressed that you’re screwing it all up but you’re not! You’re a damn good mom!