If you’re familiar of the benefits of working with crystals then the Yoni Egg might just be the perfect practice to compliment your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

What is the Yoni Egg?

For beginners, let’s start with what Yoni means. Yoni is the sanskrit word for “sacred space.” This sacred space for us women is the vagina. It’s the space where our most intimate exchange takes place. It is also the place where new life is born.

The Yoni Egg is a crystal that’s carved into the shape of an egg that you place into your sacred space for healing. Similar to Ben Wa balls, the Yoni Egg helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while the crystal performs it’s healing work.

Benefits of using the Yoni Egg

Our pelvic floor muscles lose it’s strength as we age, during pregnancy, after childbirth and from weight gain. These muscles help support our womb and internal organs. Think of your pelvic floor as a basket of muscles strands. When we don’t use a muscle, they become weak and flaccid which can lead to a variety of ailments. Since most of us aren’t consciously thinking about doing our kegals, this is where the Yoni Egg can help.

When you have the Yoni Egg inside, your muscles and tissues will be stimulated by the egg and help you strengthen your pelvic floor. The Yoni Egg will give you a gentle reminder to contract and relax your muscles throughout the day. You can also enjoy the healing properties of the crystal when worn at night.

Your chi or prana will easily leak out from a weak pelvic floor. And because our womb is the place where dreams and desires are first manifested, they cannot easily come to fruition when we are weak and imbalanced in that area. Working with an Yoni Egg not only strengthens your sacred space physically, it will also help you manifest your ideas by keeping your life force energy within you.

Another fantastic added benefit is that you’ll have heightened sexual pleasure when you have a Yoni Egg practice. When you work out any muscle in your body, you’ll start to develop more nerve endings in that area. Your Yoni works the same way, the more you work out the muscles and tissues, the more nerve endings will expand. A lot of women who have never had a vaginal orgasm are able to achieve one after some practice with their Yoni Eggs.


What size do you need?

Yoni Eggs come in 3 different sizes. Large, medium and small. Contrary to what you might think, the beginners egg is actually the largest one. The more experienced you are with your Yoni practice, the smaller the size. This is because the larger and heavier the Egg, the more likely you are to feel it and it’ll remind you to tighten and relax while you’re wearing it.

As your muscles get stronger and tighter, your nerve endings will expand which will allow you to move on to a smaller size.

Choosing your Yoni Egg

There are a variety of different crystals that are available for a Yoni Egg practice. You don’t want to just stick any crystal inside because not all crystals are safe and many may be treated with toxic chemicals which can be easily absorbed through the delicate tissues of your Yoni. It’s best to go with a certified maker that specializes in Yoni Eggs.

I have my nephrite jade Yoni Egg from Love Stone. I have found them to be the most credible Yoni Egg maker on the market. Their stones are 100% organic and safe to be worn in the Yoni. Shop for your Yoni Egg HERE.

I started off with nephrite jade because it is a stone that is believed to bless whatever it touches. Jade is a great protector to it’s wearer and is especially beneficial for helping you manifest your desires. I found that it was the perfect stone for me to start with because I initially wanted to heal and balance my root and sacral chakras. Read more about the healing benefits of Jade HERE.

Traditionally in Taoist teachings 3 types of stones are used. Women would start with healing Jade, then introduces Black Obsidian to work with and integrate her ‘shadow,’ and finally when she feels ready, Rose Quartz which opens the Heart.

Getting your Yoni Egg out

At Love Stone, their Yoni Eggs come drilled and undrilled. Drilled simply means that they drill a small hole that allows you to thread a string through for easy removal. If you find it more comforting to know that you can easily remove your Egg with a string then a drilled Egg is the way to go. If you choose the drilled option, you will undoubtedly get your Yoni juices in the hole which will collect bacteria if you don’t clean it out properly.

I personally chose the undrilled option. I was confident enough to know that if I had a difficult time removing my Egg then it is simply because the crystal has not completed it’s healing work. The Egg cannot be lost inside your body so don’t worry! 😉 If you can’t feel your Egg when you want to remove it, take some time to relax. Maybe sit in meditation for a while and work on letting go. Letting go is one of the hardest practices for most people and our muscles and tissues get tense because of it. As you relax, your Yoni Egg will work it’s way down when it’s ready. You can also get into a squat position and push it out as if you were pushing for a bowel movement.

Cleaning your Yoni Egg

You definitely want to wash your Yoni Egg after each use with a gentle organic soap and water. As you work with your Egg, you’ll need to cleanse it energetically as well because while the stone is helping you heal, it’s absorbing all of your stored trauma.

You can easily cleanse in several ways:

  • Place it in a bowl of sea salt overnight
  • Let it sit in the moonlight or sunlight
  • Bury it in the earth and let the earths ions cleanse your stone
  • Clearing it with a singing bowl
  • Smudging it with sage or Palo Santo wood

Start healing with your Yoni Egg practice

We have so many psychological traumas that are stored in our bodies and a majority of them are in the Yoni. This doesn’t specifically mean it’s sexual trauma. Our Yoni’s store emotional and energetic residue from traumatic experiences we’ve encountered throughout our lives. There’s no better way to work through and release the trauma than directly at the source, your Yoni. As you heal and to let go, the stored up negative blockages are able to be released and leave your body. Working with your Yoni Egg can help you heal past wounds and rid your subconscious of old dysfunctional patterns.

Healing is the end of conflict with yourself. – Stephanie Gailing