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I first discovered the Ergo baby carriers during a playdate with one of my closest friends who seemed to always know about the best baby products. I’ve taken her recommendation a few times before in the past and they’ve changed the game of parenting for me so much that I don’t know where I would be without them.

My friends pulls out this baby carrier that looked rather intimidating to me at first. She buckled it around her waist, put her baby in, adjusted the straps and voila! In about 10 seconds she had the Ergo carrier on and was hands free. And there I was staring at her like a caveman that just discovered fire. I was really impressed! The features on this carrier were so innovative!

I HAD to get one!

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I went to the Ergobaby website and started looking up all the different types of carriers they had. When I came across the Ergobaby Adapt, I knew I had found “the one” for me. It had lower back support!

I had terrible lower back pain after I had my daughter due to a twisted position I was in for the pushing stage. I had spent hundreds on chiropractic care for pain management and although the baby carrier I had at the time was great for my little girl, it made my back pain much worse. But when I started wearing my Ergobaby Adapt, I felt no strain on my lower back whatsoever. It was such a relief to find a carrier that met my very specific need. There was no way I was going to give up babywearing because there are SO many benefits for you and your baby. Check out my blog on  7 Unique benefits babywearing has for you and your baby to find out why wearing your little one is so rewarding.

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Mama’s, if you have back problems, THIS is your carrier! This is probably my favorite feature about the carrier. Besides wearing around the house, this is a great carrier for hiking too. It has comfortable padding in all the right places that makes it super comfortable to have on and keep on for extended periods of time.  I can wear my 11 month old in the Ergo for hours (literally). This carrier has all 360 positions. One in the front, facing in, facing out, on your back and on your hip. I also really like the fact that it had a little hood for privacy when they’re napping or nursing.

Here’s a few more awesome features of the Ergo Adapt

  • It has crossable shoulder straps for some extra upper back support
  • The privacy hood is UPF 50+
  • It’s made out of 100% cotton so it’s nice and breathable
  • Did I mention back support? I just have to mention it again because it’s SUCH an awesome feature! 🙂

Not all good things can be perfect and there were only a couple of things that I wish were different.

  • It takes up a lot of room when I want to take it somewhere with me. It’s not such a big deal keeping it in the car for travel but I like to always keep it handy even if I have my daughter in the stroller and it takes up quite a bit of the storage compartment.
  • Initially, it seemed a little pricey to me at 145.00. But I’ve had my Ergobaby for almost a year now and that breaks down to just 12 dollars a month. Okay, maybe not so bad considering I’ll be continuing to use my carrier into my daughters toddler years. Not to mention, it’s saved me hundreds on chiropractic pain management for my back. So, actually, it’s well worth the price and saved me much more money, time and energy in the end. 🙂

I use my Ergobaby literally multiple times a day for an hour or more at a time. I can’t imagine what mommying would be like without it. There are SO many incredible benefits to baby-wearing and I’m glad I have an awesome one to do it in!

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