Before I had kids, the contents of my purse were very limited. Chapstick, glasses, wallet and phone. I didn’t even really need a purse. Anything more than that would probably mean I’m staying overnight somewhere. Four years and 2 kids later, those light traveling days are so over! :p

What could a tiny little person possibly need for an outing that fills up an entire diaper bag? Leaving the house feels like packing for a mini vacation every time I need to go somewhere. Nothing is more inconvenient than forgetting one of my diaper bag essentials and realizing it half way to a destination and (of course) it’ll be the ONE thing your child (or you) MUST have.

Typically, I keep certain items in our diaper bag at all times so that I don’t constantly have to pack, unpack and repack the same items for every outing. Keeping a few permanent bag essentials is especially helpful for those days I’m in a rush or having a serious case of mommy brain and can’t remember anything.

I have a very simple lightweight diaper bag that I got from Target (I know, I’m fancy) and it’s just the right size and has all the compartments that I need to organize all of our stuff.

As with most diapers bags, this one also came with one of those changing pads you can lay down. I actually use this part quite a bit because I find myself needing to change my daughter in the strangest places (parking lots, parks, sidewalks, the trunk, etc). So, I just pull this thing out and sometimes I’ll throw an extra blanket on top of it so that she’s extra comfy and get to business.

Here’s are my top essentials when packing our diaper bag:

  • Diapers! 
    • This one’s a no brainer. I’m a cloth diapering veteran of 5 years and it’s a little bit different packing for an eco-friendly baby. I usually will keep 2 cloth diapers in the bag along with our wet bag for soiled diapers, bamboo wipes (which stand in for burp cloths as well) and our cloth wipe spray.

  • Baby K’tan
    • One of my favorite baby carriers! I bring this carrier with me everywhere I go. I love being able to wear my little girl whenever we both feel like we need some closeness/snuggles on our day trips. It’s about the size of a scarf and really easy to just toss in the bag and go.
  • Change of clothes
    • My daughter doesn’t poop everyday. I’d say about every other day or sometimes even every third day. And when poop day comes around, I definitely want to make sure that I bring an extra onsie (or two) in case there’s an explosion. Because when it’s poop day, I mean there’s poop the whole day!
  • Muslin blanket
    • I absolutely love the cotton muslin blankets! They’re so soft, lightweight and give my baby girl just enough coziness for naps without overheating her.
  • Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant
    • This is a MUST! I have no idea how my 4 year old has the dirtiest stickiest hands ever! And when snack time comes around, I definitely don’t want him sticking those fingers in his mouth or touching the food we share. I also can’t count the number of times my daughter drops/throws her toys onto the ground, dirt, bird poop, public restroom floor, etc… and I definitely don’t want her toys going right back into her mouth without cleaning them first. I made my own disinfectant spray with a combination of yummy essential oils that can wipe down her toys and sticky faces too.
  • The Mommy Hook
    • Even if I didn’t have kids, I’d still use the mommy hook to carry groceries and shopping bags. It’s awesome!

  • Nursing Cover
    • I’m not a big fan of using nursing covers unless I find myself in certain company that I’m not comfortable nursing around. Otherwise, I’m all about free nursing boobies because…normalize breastfeeding! 🙂
  • Healing balm 
    • I carry this stick with me for a variety of benefits. Ezcema, burns, bug bites, rashes and chapped skin. It’s all natural and just something that I like to keep handy.
  • Teething drops
    • Just to help out my little girl when she’s having a hard time coping with teething pain.
  • My glasses
    • Because I’m blind.
  • Rescue Remedy
    • So, the rescue remedy is for both me and my son if we encounter something that can be a little scary. It really helps calm me when I’m face to face with a toddler tantrum or anything else that may trigger some anxiety. I have gummy candy version for Landon if he gets hurt or is really struggling with his emotions and my hugs aren’t enough.
  • Immunity Oil 
    • I never know when I’m going to encounter a server sneezing too close to our food or another sick child sharing an apple with my kids. This oil just gives our immune system a little pick me up when needed. 🙂
  • Water
    • I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and I get INSANELY thirsty and can go from zero to dying from dehydration in 20 seconds. Staying hydrated is super important. I always make sure I have plenty of water available.
  • Chapstick
  • Hand Lotion

Unlike most trips, I actually wind up using 90% of the essentials I pack in the bag. Being prepared makes me feel like I’m not so much of a hot mess. 🙂

Im always interested to see what my other mommy friends are packing in their bags. I’m always discovering new essentials to add, replace or take out all together as my little ones get a little bigger.

If you have anything that you MUST have, please share! I’d love to hear some suggestions! 🙂