It’s been a while since my last blog entry but I wanted to have the time to experience the full benefits of a new supplement I added into my health routine before I wrote about it.

Colloidal Silver! I’ve heard of colloidal silver from time to time for over a decade now but I never really looked into it. Honestly, it was probably because I didn’t really care about my health and well-being until after Landon was born and I got sick. Really, REALLY, chronically sick! I decided to finally take control of my life and it wasn’t until I felt like I was dying did I really want to live. Especially having just given birth and becoming a new mommy. I couldn’t bear the thought of my newborn son having a weak (physically and emotionally), dis-empowered and sick mother that would limit his life’s potential.

So the last 4 years, I have fully committed to giving myself the gift of health and well-being. I became a health coach, got board certified as a drug-less practitioner and also went through yoga teacher training and started teaching yoga full-time. 🙂  It’s been an incredible journey throughout these past 4 years and it is crazy how much I realized that my health contributed to my happiness. I don’t spend so much time being sick, worrying about doctors/hospital bills, being bed-ridden and riding the downward spiral to depression while staying ill. I’ve been sick 2 times in the last 4 years! I know that there are individuals out there that have far exceeded that but for me, I’ve spent the majority of my life being sick so twice in 4 years has been incredible!

So recently, I’ve been seeing a few posts about Colloidal Silver from The Garden of Eden Facebook.  I started really looking into it.It has so many profound health benefits, it just blew me away! I HAD to try it!

Research demonstrates that colloidal silver:

  • kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi in vitro (including Ebola-like viruses)
  • purifies water
  • detoxifies heavy metals (including mercury)
  • breaks down the cell walls of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • is involved in immune support

I went to a couple of health food stores to see what they had. The most common one that i came across was Sovereign Silver. It seemed legit when I was looking at the information on the box. It came in 4 fl.oz./118mL containing 10 ppm (parts per million). Which is great and all but there were only 23 servings per bottle and each bottle was $20-$30 (depending on where you decided to purchase from).

The Colloidal Silver from The Garden of Eden came in a 0.5 oz bottle but consisted of 100 ppm, 10 nanometer particles. There are 400 drops per bottle which comes out to be over a year’s supply when you take it at the daily recommended dose of 1 drop per day. And it was only $33! And the Garden of Eden’s Silver has incredible quality. There are only 2 labs in the world that produce colloidal silver at this quality.


pic 5


I received my package from the GOE much faster than I had anticipated and began taking  it immediately. I also got their Colloidal Gold and Iodine which are amazing too! I’ll be writing about those as well in a different blog.

I’ve been taking the Colloidal Silver for a consistent 2 weeks now and have felt great! There were several improvements that I started to notice:

  1. First and foremost was the reduction of mucus this allergy season. I’m still sneezing my face off but I haven’t had the typical hay fever reaction that makes me blow gallons of snot out of my nose! Gross, I know. :p
  2. I get these painful canker sores all the time. It’s almost guaranteed for me to have one if I accidentally bite my tongue or cheek (when I’m scarfing down my food and not consciously chewing). I bit my cheek really hard last week and it was one of those where you can feel the flap of your cheek that you bit off. I was certain that it would turn into a painful week-long canker sore. Since I take the Colloidal Silver in the morning in a glass of water, I was kind of swishing each mouthful of water for a few seconds before I swallowed and the canker sore never appeared! 🙂
  3. This one’s a weird one. But it’s helped with dandruff! So, I shower about once every week to 2 weeks (for really good reasons that I’ll blog about soon enough) and although my hair doesn’t really get greasy, I’ve had a lot of dandruff. And it shows terribly when you have black asian hair. :/ It’s not totally gone but I’ve seen a big improvement. I don’t know if it worked from ingesting the silver or topically applying it because I did both. I put a drop in a glass of water and poured it on my head after I shampooed and conditioned and it worked!

This has only been after 2 weeks. It’s non-toxic and completely safe in pregnancy. I have no doubt that I’ll see more benefits as time goes on. As an OCD researcher, I do believe that The Garden of Eden delivers the best quality that there is with their supplements for the best price. AND, because they are a non-profit, that money and energy goes directly towards supporting the creation of a more sustainable and enjoyable world for all of us! It’s so worth it to invest in your health. Your life depends on it. <3