If you’re one of those crunchy moms like me, you research the s*** out of any and everything before you give it to your child. You make sure that everything is free of chemicals, BPA, toxins, bad energy, dyes and fragrances before giving it your stamp of approval. It’s no different when choosing the best option for your little ones teething necessities.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

The New York department of health made findings that suggest babies who chew on teethers may be ingesting small doses of endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs), a variety of chemicals that can potentially interfere with hormones and have harmful developmental, reproductive and neurological effects. Researchers tested 59 teethers, bought from major retailers and online venders. Tests simulated what would happen when in contact with a baby’s saliva. All 59 toys released traces of BPA. Many of the products were labelled “BPA free.” Some teethers released triclosan, an antimicrobial linked to liver cancer, and others contained parabens, a type of preservatives linked to thyroid problems.

You really can’t trust labels at all! I know I’ve picked up several toys here and there for Willow because the “BPA” label put my mind at ease that I was keeping her from harm.

Here’s what I’ve replaced them with… Wooden toys and teething rings! 🙂

With wooden teething toys, I don’t have to worry about the harmful exposure of toxins going into Willow’s mouth. The majority of the ones that I’ve come across are made from natural maple which has antibacterial properties. A huge plus! They make them in finished and unfinished wood. I personally like the unfinished wood because with an unfinished surface, it is more absorbent and can hold on to water if I wanted to put it into the freezer for a numbing effect.  Also, I’m able to use essential oils (like clove or peppermint) on them so provide some extra comfort. 🙂

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Olives and Pickles Organic Plush Wooden Teether, Crinkle Bunny Ears, Small

Amyster Crochet Bead Teething Ring Set Untreated Maple Teether with Organic Wood Toy Wood Kangaraoo Bracelet Baby Mom Kids Wooden Teether Bangle (Color 3)

One of the things that I really love about the bunny ears one is that you can wet it down, throw it in the freezer and it comes out cold and crunchy (and it’s organic fabric). It’s a fun texture that my baby girl really loves!

Not only do I love that these wooden teething toys are 100% safe and natural, I love that Willow loves them so much! It’s a much better alternative for her to chomp down on her favorite toy and not things like my phone or…nipple. Ouch!