The snow has melted, birds are chirping and the sun brings about a re-birth. It’s springtime! 🙂 The nice warm weather, BBQ’s, hikes, picnics and oh yea, allergies…

The congested, sneezing, coughing, runny-nose, itchy sore throat, sinus headache and itchy watery eyes. As an allergy sufferer, I can contest that it is absolutely miserable. In my allergy history, I’ve tried it all. Claratin, Allegra, Flonase, Zyrtec, Benedryl and smashing a cast iron into my face. Nothing worked but Benedryl and I couldn’t go through my days with a 3 year old while half asleep. I walked around like a half zombie while catching my liquid face drippings onto a snot rag I had tucked in my pocket. I hated spring! How did people live like this?


It wasn’t until I went to school for integrative nutrition that I discovered that there was a way to rid myself of allergies through diet and natural remedies. I tried all kinds of different diets and finally found one that worked for me (everybody is different). And, I also discovered that probiotics were really effective for relieving allergies! Essentially, an allergy is when your body over reacts to a substance, causing a myriad of symptoms. And because your immune system begins in your stomach, it would make perfect sense to maintain a healthy gut and balance the immune system instead of taking drugs to suppress allergy symptoms.

Between the probiotics that I’ve been taking and the use of the Neti Pot, I’ve been relatively allergy free this year. I’ll still sneeze my face off from time to time but I no longer take any medications or want to smash a cast iron into my face.

The Neti Pot is a porcelain looking genie lamp that delivers a saline solution into your nasal cavity and rinses out all of the impurities. The one that I have is from Himalayan Chandra. I also have the Neti-salt solution. You can also make your own solution.

neti pot

Recipe: Use these ratios to achieve your body’s ideal saline solution: ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt to each 16 ounces (two cups) of warm water. Some prefer to add an additional ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, per cup, to the mixture.

It’s important that you DO NOT use tap water. There’s a lot of pollutants that you don’t want going up into your nasal cavity. Use clean distilled or spring water.  As long as it’s not from the tap. And I like to warm up my water in a small pot. It just feels better.Just make sure it’s not too hot (I’ve made that mistake before).

After preparing the warm saline solution and adding it to the pot, just lean over your sink, tilt the head sideways so your face is horizontal, insert the Neti Pot spout into the upper nostril. Be sure the spout is fully inserted so water cannot leak out that nostril. Open your mouth and breathe through your mouth while you gently pour and relax.

After a few seconds, the water will begin to stream out of the opposite nostril. Use half your solution in the first nostril; save the remainder for the second. In between nostrils, you can stand upright and gently blow your nose to clear it. But don’t plug your nostril on one side. Just blow out both sides together.

If some water drains into your throat, just spit it out.  Work on your technique and the angle of your head you become familiar with the feeling and get used to your technique.

I use my Neti Pot twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed to rinse out all of the pollen and other pollutants that may have gathered in my nasal cavity. Totally worth a try if you’re an allergy sufferer. It also works really well for sinus infections.  🙂

Let me know how you’re experience went! Don’t suffer miserably through the spring, enjoy it! <3