Hi! I’m Claudia!

Have you ever taken a look at your life and wondered, “Is this all there is to life?” This was me for a very long time. I found myself stuck in the same relationships, financial struggle, poor health and cycle of spinning my wheels and felt like I was taking two steps backwards instead of one step forward.

I had no idea that the world I had created was a direct result of my subconscious beliefs. I found myself always complaining and criticising everything I did. Where did I learn to do that to myself? I had mastered self-sabotage! The low energies that I frequently marinated myself in were manifesting and perpetuating a reality that were mentally, emotionally and physcially exshausting!

Everything is energy and it’s all in alignment. Our thoughts, words and actions are all comprised of energy. And when those energetic frequencies are not in alignment with our purpose and passions, we experience pain, dis-ease, stress, anxiety and depression. We try to fill an empty void with alcohol, drugs, food, money, sex and social media. All the while, we’re starving our soul from the nourishment of joy, love and freedom.

After meeting and working with several eye opening spiritual mentors, I made the decision to devote myself to a spiritual practice and learn the art of manifestation and alignment.

It didn’t come easy. I had to un-learn everything I had been conditioned to believe  and replace those beliefs with conscious and empowered ones. I stepped up and took responsibility for the life I put myself in and reclaimed my power. No more of the blame game, judgement and projecting my dysfunctions out into the world and onto other people. As my layers of untruth fell away, my soul was able to come through and shine in it’s brilliance. I adapted a new perception, took on new behaviors and did the dirty work on my shadow self. The world that I once new as hateful, dark and pointless became beautiful, exciting and full of magic!

Interesting facts about me…

I hate wearing shoes! Anytime I can get away with it, I’m walking around barefoot. Plus, the benefits of earthing are awesome!

I wear crystals in my bra. Yoga pants don’t come with pockets. Nuff said!

I’ve never been drunk. The taste of alcohol had always grossed me out. 

I don’t use toilet paper. I switched over to cloth wipes several years ago and have loved them ever since. And eco-friendly!

I’m the crazy crystal lady! I’m obsessed!

I make a natural version for just about everything! I make everything in our home from cleaning products, bug repellents, natural first aid kits to toothpaste and other hygiene products.

I had a natural home birth! Most empowering experience ever!

I’ve never been to a concert. It’s true! I’m SUPER sensitive to people’s energies and loud sounds. 

I love, love, LOVE to help people! Seriously! It makes me feel so fulfilled when I know that I’ve helped someone in some way. I’m so grateful that I can be there to support people on their spiritual journeys.