I gave birth to Landon at a hospital like setting with my OB-GYN. It was called The Birthing Inn (sounds less medial) which was right next to the hospital. At the time, I didn’t know anything about labor and delivery and had a lot of fear regarding the process. I felt more safe having my doctor, a million nurses and medical supplies readily available, just in case. In my birth plan I had included the help of a doula, having access to light food and drinks, dim lighting, limited interruptions and minimal medical intervention and management. My doctor made me feel comfortable that my birth would go as I had hoped.

Apple Picking

My water broke in the middle of the night in bed. I woke up thinking that I went pee all over myself and the bed. Lol. After I realized what had really happened, I stayed pretty calm and decided to take a shower, shave my legs and do my hair one last time before I became a mommy. 🙂 Afterwards, I had a HUGE breakfast! I devoured a plate of french toast, sausages and a giant glass of milk.

My contractions began almost immediately after my water broke but it wasn’t anything intense. I went back to sleep after I ate and woke up with more noticeable contractions. I labored at home for about 6 hours and headed towards the Birthing Inn.

The moment I arrived, I felt uneasy. I was left in triage for what felt like forever! Then upon arriving in my delivery room, I was checked for dilation and my remaining membrane of the amniotic sac was stripped. The lights were still too bright for my comfort and I was only allowed to drink. I was waiting for my doula to arrive and I found out that she had to pretend to be a family member in order to come in! During all of my labor and delivery, I had constant people, chattering and checking going on.

After Landon was born, he was taken away from me to be bathed. I kept asking for him and I he wasn’t returned to my side until 2 hours later after doing routine checkups on me.

Not the birthing experience I had hoped for…

I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my second child now and I’ve decided to go with a midwife and have an empowering birth in the comfort of my own home.

I met with Mayanne for my initial visit at the NOVA Natural Birth Center. Right off the bat, the experience was a world of difference! I was sweetly greeted in a very comfortable, toddler friendly surrounding. I was taken into their Aspen room (which looked like a 5 star hotel room) for my counseling and checkup. Mayanne spent about an hour with us and treated us like family. When listening for the baby’s heartbeat, she smiled and seemed like she was just as exited to hear those little beats as I was. 🙂 Nothing felt rushed like it would have a a doctors office. I had my exam done in a comfortable king size bed, not an exam table and was treated like a person, not a number.

I definitely feel empowered to deliver naturally and at home this time around. Plus, I absolutely love my bathtub! My body was perfectly designed to do this. Stay tuned for the next update on my home birth journey. 🙂

“The whole point of natural birth is the knowledge that a woman IS the birth power source. She may need help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will ALWAYS have the power.” – Heather McCue