Getting up in the morning is probably the hardest part of my day. Between getting up to pee in the middle of the night to comfort nursing my little one back sleep, I’m averaging about 3-4 broken hours of sleep a night. When I’m absolutely positive my baby’s in a deep sleep, I can relax and drift of into dreamland for about 20 minutes before the sun comes piercing through the windows. Sound familiar? Oh the joys of co-sleeping!

Mornings without kids is a long forgotten memory. It can be really difficult sometimes to stay present and motivated when I’m exhausted and still have to start my day. My morning rituals have changed a bit since the quiet days.

The following 5 things are my rituals for a mindful morning with kids:

  1. Oil pulling – This is the very first thing I do after I get out of bed. I walk straight to my bathroom sink and scoop a spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth and start swishing for 20 minutes. Most of the time I’ll put a drop or two of clove oil in the mix because it has great antiseptic properties. It can be a fun game when my 4 year old is asking me questions and I have to act them out because I can’t talk. You’ll both become champs at sherades!

  1. Diffuse oils – My little ones love that I do this! It’s really helpful to be able to have an arsenal of essential oils for all kinds of ailments. And it makes everything smell SO good!

  1. Make the bed – This one is super important! My kiddos watch me do this every morning. It helps instill some good habits and reminds them to make their own beds (if they haven’t done it already). Being a Libra, I’m highly sensitive to the aesthetics of my surroundings. Having my bed nice and neat can change my whole outlook for the day.

  1. Breathe consciously – This is a great practice that gently detoxes the body. It’s a really beneficial practice for kids to learn. It helps them be still for a moment (crazy, I know!). Start with a few deep breaths together and exhale all the way. Feel the air energizing you as you inhale and release any kind of tension as you exhale.
  2. Stretch – I like stretching while I’m still in bed. I keep a yoga strap on my nightstand and use that for some gentle leg stretches. I’ll add in some additional yoga postures too depending on my mood. 🙂
  3. Drink a glass of water – This gives the digestive system going and also hydrates you after a long night (especially if you’re nursing).
  4. Fix a light snack for the kids – It’s hard enough trying to get out of bed on my own let alone having a toddler barge in and repeatedly tell me he’s hungry when I’m half asleep. It has made a HUGE difference to prepare a little something the night before. Sliced apples, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, etc. They’re able to enjoy a snack independently and it buys you and extra 10 minutes.
  5. Music – Music is a major mood setter. I really like playing happy upbeat music like Jack Johnson in the mornings. I’m singing along, the kids will dance to it, everyone is enjoying some happy sound therapy.

Being able to set the tone for myself and my kids can change the entire day for the better!  Whatever energy we start with tends to snowball whether it’s positive or negative. So I do my best to promote the best start with a mindful morning ritual. I feel a difference and my kids do too. And when they’re happy, it makes everything easier on everyone!

Practice some self-care mamas! It’s never too early to teach the kids to do the same. <3