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Baby wearing is the greatest thing that I’ve come across when it comes to bonding with your baby and attachment parenting. When my son was first born, I came a cross a great book called The Happiest Baby on the Block. This book has some stellar tricks that were SO helpful, particularly if you’re a first time mom. In the book, it explained how babies in different cultures cried much less (if at all) due to the mothers close contact with their babies through wearing them.

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Inside the womb, your baby was familiar with the soothing sound of your heartbeat, your voice and your daily movements. After they’re born, your baby goes into a stage of what is referred to as the fourth trimester. This fourth trimester focuses on your baby’s transition from the womb to the world.

I wore both my little ones and continue to wear my 10 month old on a daily basis. Babywearing has some profound benefits for your baby and you too! In the photo, I am using one of my favorites, the Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier.

  1. You can be hands free – Wearing your baby allows you to have both of your hands so you can get a few things done around the house and get back to your cup of coffee you made 3 hours ago. Without a carrier, you most likely have to put your baby down in order to get something done (like feed yourself) and you have a limited amount of time to do it before she fusses and wants to be picked up again. You also give your arms a break if you use a carrier to gently rock your baby to sleep with the same movements that they’re accustomed to inside the womb.
  2. They cry MUCH less – When your baby is first born into this big world, being close to you ensures their safety. Afterall, your body was their home for the past 9 months. Through wearing your baby, you’ll establish trust and a deep bond while your baby is snug up against you listening to your heartbeat and feeling your movements just like they did inside the womb. It makes the transition from womb to world a much smoother process.
  3. Communication – When your baby doesn’t have to resort to crying in order to get your attention, he/she is able to communicate with you through their subtle cues. And you’re much better at being able to read those signals because they’re so close to you. Every wiggle, whimper, goo and gaa is your baby trying to tell you something and he or she learns to trust you. If you think about it, by the time your baby is crying, they’re already in distress. By wearing your baby, you don’t miss a thing they’re trying to say. You can respond to those signals quickly which builds confidence and you learn your baby’s unique language.
  4. Your baby learns better and faster – If your baby isn’t fussing or crying, it frees up their time to explore and learn about their environment with you. They’re like a sponge absorbing all of the information around them as they learn instead of focusing their attention on trying to get their needs met.
  5. Eliminates sibling rivalry – If your a second time mom, you’re probably having a hard enough time adjusting to two children. Your first born is going to feel the same about their new baby brother or sister. The big brother or sister may feel neglected if you’re constantly tending to the new baby and not able to play, color or read as much as you used to due to your hands being full. And let’s be real, babies require most if not all of our attention. But babywearing makes things easier for your little guy/gal because you’ll be able to continue your usual activities with them because you’ll have your hands free.
  6. You get stronger – Unfortunately, babies grow up way too fast and although their growth is a gradual process, it doesn’t make them any lighter to carry as time goes on. Wearing your baby gives you a good workout while you go through your daily routine with an extra 6-30 pounds strapped on to you. It keeps you more mindful of your posture and you use more of your core muscles than you normally would. My Ergobaby Adapt has built in back support which makes carrying your baby so much more comfortable and promotes good posture.
  7. Helps prevent acid reflux – I have SO many friends who have talked about how much their baby spit up. Especially during their first few months of life. Wearing your baby really helps with the amount of reflux that they have. Because you can’t always be sure that you got all of those baby burps up and out before you lay your baby back down. When their in the carrier, typically, they are in an upright position which helps reduce the amount they spit up.

Babywearing has been a special relationship that my kids and I have been able to share, much like breastfeeding, it’s unique to just you and your baby.

Every day your baby gets just a little bit bigger. You’ll never know when it’ll be the last time you get to carry your little one around. Hold them close while you can, mamas. As your sweet children slowly gain more independence and let go a little, sadly, we have to learn to let go too.

Happy wearing mamas!

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