The material things that I hold on to in life symbolize more that just holding on to physical possessions. When I have a hard time throwing something out, I can’t help but to think of what I’m having a hard time letting go of emotionally. Making space for new things really helps me let go on a mental and emotional level as well. Its such a freeing feeling to be out with the old to create the space for new opportunities.

We’re down to 3 more weeks before the big move to Texas and packing has been quite the project! There is so much to go through and I feel like the decisions on what to keep and what to toss are the hardest part of the process.

Each item has entered my life and in some way shape or form made an impact. From a pencil case to a outfit I bought 7 years ago (worn once), there is so much of my past that I no longer wish to carry with me into my future (like my 6 inch heels).

It’s hard to decide which items should stay, toss, donate or sell.

Here are 6 tips to helping your organize your space:

  1. Focus on the bigger picture – Why exactly do you want to get organized? What are you trying to make room for? How do you want your space to make you feel? Take a moment and evaluate the quality and quantity of the things that are currently in your space. Once you’re clear on your intention, write it down and begin taking steps to achieve it.
  2. Visualize the space you want – Imagine what your ideal space is going to look like. Pinterest is always a good place to go for inspiration. Once your clear on your image and your intention, it’s time to make your vision into a reality.
  3. Choose an area to focus on – Break down the project into smaller bites and take one small bite at a time. Make each room a separate project. Start with the vanity, a desk, a bookshelf, etc.
  4. Give everything a home – Decide where you want each item to be and keep like things together.
  5. Maintenance – PUT THINGS BACK IN THEIR PLACE! I can’t stress how important this step is. It takes time to get into the habit of putting everything back exactly how you found it but it will save you HOURS of weekly chores, I promise!
  6. Fine Tune – As you go through changes in life, the ways you organize your things will also need change. Be willing to reinvent an area to keep up with your changes in life.

Every time I’ve consciously focused on a de-cluttering project, I’ve always felt a sense of lightness when I see the final result. It’s so refreshing to feel that I’ve gotten rid of the things that weighed me down. I’ve really put these 6 things into practice this past year and I’ve been fine tuning the practice even more with the big move. I’m on my way to a new place, new start, new connections and new experiences. I really can’t have room for the new if I can’t let go of things in my past (physically and emotionally). Here’s to letting go! 🙂